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Welcome to Arka Communications
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There’s no question that communication is key to your organization

Here’s why: 

  • Telling your story will engage your audience
  • Transparency within your organization will build trust 
  • Reaching out to your audience and stakeholders will sustain relationships

But do you have time to develop a strategic communications plan, a customized media strategy or write convincing copy to promote your organization?  Arka Communications can help.

Here's what we can do: 

  • Help identify your key audiences and valued stakeholders
  • Enhance company morale by engaging employees through effective communications strategies
  • Develop customized communications plans that align to your organization's strategic plan 
  • Create a media plan to highlight your organization’s accomplishments by building partnerships with the media
  • Provide media training to help you articulate yourself through tough media interviews
  • Write clear and convincing press releases, website & brochure copy, good news articles, backgrounders and case studies that make your organization shine